About the Management Team: In the Office

Alan MarwillAlan Marwill

In 1996, Alan had enough of his previous career as a management accountant. He was looking for something that fit him better. So, he looked under his kitchen sink, and found some cleaning supplies. Even before Alan had his first van or truck, he had his first cleaning job. Alan went back under the kitchen sink, put the supplies in his knapsack, and went off on his motorcycle to clean two vacant apartments. As they say, the rest is history.


Tweetie ZhenTweetie Zhen
With Dome Cleaning, Inc. Since 2004

Tweetie is the controller of Dome Cleaning, Inc. She keeps an eye on the whole company, not just the bottom line. She directs and coordinates company financial planning and budgeting, measures operating performance of divisions, and works hard to oversee the operation of the accounting functions and payroll.

Tweetie graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance Service in 2004. Her goals are to become an enrolled agent and certified managerial accountant.


AlisonAlison Kong
Assistant Controller

With Dome Cleaning, Inc Since September 2011

Alison is an asset, working with accounts payable, payroll, human resources, and ordering lighting, bathroom and janitorial supplies for our Janitorial Contracts. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Corporate Finance in 2009. Her previous experience is as an Investment consultant in a non-bank financial institution, a staff accountant in a small-sized CPA firm, and an internship in the Finance department in a educational institution.

Her hobbies are: watching movies, food, cooking, and traveling.


Claudia LamClaudia Lam

Human Resources Manager

With Dome Cleaning, Inc Since February 2013

Claudia graduated from the University of California, Davis with a double major in Psychology and International Relations. While she was in college, she was involved in an Asian-American Social Sorority where she met many good friends who will last a lifetime! After college, she moved to Hong Kong and worked in Marketing and Human Resources for 2 years. In Dec 2012, she decided to move back to the states and joined Dome where she began to take up responsibilties in both office management and human resources. She is detail-oriented, reliable, and always willing to lend a hand.

Outside the office, Claudia enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, watching movies and tv shows, reading beauty and health blogs, going to places with beautiful scenery, exploring the city and many exciting cuisines. She wishes to travel around the world and explores different cultures whenever she gets the chance in the future!


Maggi VoongKirstie Daza

Account Manager

With Dome Cleaning, Inc Since 2015

Kirstie is an eager and knowledgeable account manger. She has proven ability to provide you with first class customer service. She will help you find the right cleaning service that will fit your needs. Kirstie's main focus is on the Specialized Services Division and can schedule anything from area rug cleaning to maintenance stone cleaning.  She is also able to assist with janitorial questions and provide estimates for our current and new buildings. She is always interested in working with new people and building strong connections. she is looking forward to talking and helping you out.

A little more about Kirstie:  I enjoy cooking and playing with my daughter. Perhaps someone would like to share some delicious recipes too!


ShellyAnna Pun

Office Administrator

With Dome Cleaning, Inc Since 2014

Anna is a quick learner and happy to help relay any janitorial concerns to our crew. She is also in charge of ordering all of our janitorial supplies and can help you pick out what's right for you and the buildings needs. 

A little more about Anna: My current goal is to balance my work and personal life. I have realized the importance of keeping myself healthy. With a healthy body, I will have more energy to take up more challenges at work, keep extending my limits, and influence people around me with positive energy. So I now exercise whenever I have time, after work or in the weekend. If I have a long vacation, I want to try backpacking too. Overall, I will persist on adding values and positive energy in my life.



About the Management Team: In the Field

Barney KellyBarney Kelly
Director of Cleaning Operations
With Dome Cleaning, Inc. Since 1999

Barney graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He was promoted in April of 2013 to not only oversee the Specialized Services division as he has since the beginning, but to also manage the Bay Area Janitorial Services Division. His professional skills help us with quality control with our current janitorial accounts, and his experience helps us grow with new clients. His Specialized Services department handles all of Dome’s specialized cleaning services such as pressure washing, graffiti abatement, garage and parking lot scrubbing and degreasing, garbage and over sized item hauling, and more.

Barney is an IICRC / Clean Trust certified master textile cleaner and holds many other cleaning certifications. Click here to see all of his certificates or to learn more about the IICRC / Clean Trust.


Shannon WellsShannon Wells
Nighttime Janitorial Manager

With Dome Cleaning, Inc Since February 2011

Shannon is a natural leader.  He is someone that all of our customers and employees look up to and respect.  Shannon serves as a Custodial Supervisor.   In his role Shannon implements an integrated program of both janitorial and specialized cleaning services.  Whether it’s carpet, upholstery, vinyl, wood, natural stone, or…you name it Shannon exceeds our customers’ expectations by keeping everything in first class condition at all times.