Graffiti Abatement

GraffitiIin a city such as San Francisco, graffiti tags seem to be a regular part of the landscape. With the city trying to keep clean, did you know that you could be fined if you don’t remove or paint over the graffiti on your property in a timely manner? Give Dome Cleaning, Inc. a call, and we will do our best to get your property back in order as quickly as possible.

Here are some of our graffiti abatement services:

  PAINTING: We can match and paint over graffiti tags on poles, walls,
other painted surfaces.

  GRAFFITI REMOVER: We can apply a graffiti remover to tags on mail
    boxes, dumpsters, windows, and other non-painted resilient surfaces.

  PRESSURE WASHING: We can apply a solvent based cleaner and
    pressure wash cement, sidewalks, walls, and more.

  HONING: For graffiti tags on natural stone surfaces, we can hone the
    graffiti tags with a
hand grinder to create a new surface. Polishing will
   need to follow if the stone had a naturally shiny surface.

  SAND BLASTING: An aggressive method to be used for graffiti tags on
    cement and other resilient surfaces that graffiti remover and/or
    pressure washing are unable to eradicate.

Is graffiti a problem in your neighborhood? You can form a Community Benefit District with your neighbors to have regularly scheduled street cleaning, pressure washing, and graffiti abatement. This will reduce the wait time to complete the job and keep your home looking in a first class condition.

Give Dome Cleaning, Inc. a call today for a free estimate for graffiti abatement!