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Regular care is the best way to help keep your properties in a first class condition between professional cleanings. However, did you know that using the wrong product for cleaning can do more harm than good? Here are a few products we recommend in between your professional cleanings (Plus get FREE DELIVERY to all properties we have a janitorial service agreement with!)


Carpet & Upholstery Products

Vacuuming, spot cleaning and regularly scheduled professional cleaning is the best way to care for your textiles.

SpotterGENERAL SPOTTER: Procyon Spot & Stain Remover [Item #PR-82-824]
  • Ready to use Green Product.
  • Formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves carpet & upholstery softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. Removes grease, oil, dirt... just spray on and blot.
  • 1 Quart - $12.95

Pet SpotterPET SPOTTER: Unbelievable Pro Pet Urine & Stain Remover [Item #CR-UPUO-24-JS]
  • Ready to use, neutral pH, spray bottle.
  • Powerful, yet carpet-safe formula that works naturally to remove tough stains and odors from carpet, upholstery caused from urine, feces and vomit. Leaves no sticky residue!
  • 1 Quart - $12.95

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Cleaning Products & Supplies

General cleaning products for your everyday use. Looking for something not here, just ask!

Ajax BleachAjax Oxygen Bleach Powder Cleanser [Item #COL14278]
  • The calcite-based nonchlorinated formula is effective on a wide range of surfaces, including: chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile and other durable surfaces. A great choice when formulas with chlorine or ammonia aren`t suitable.
  • 21 oz Container - 24 Per Case
  • 1 Case $33.75

Hand SanitizerPURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer [Item #GOJ965212]
  • For handwashing to decrease bacteria on the skin.
  • Recommended for repeated use.
  • 8 oz Pump Bottle - 12 Per Case
  • 1 Case $62.00

Liquid SoapClean Shape Antibacterial Hand Soap [Item #KUT65036]
  • Effective against VRE, MRSA, salmonella, and other microorganisms. Lathers up quickly, moisturizes and deodorizes.
  • Transparent amber appearance with citrus spice fragrance.
  • 1000ml in Pump Dispenser.
  • 1 Bottle $8.80

Palmolive SoapPalmolive® Ultra Dishwash Liquid [Item #KUT65036]
  • The powerful liquid formula is tough enough to eliminate grease, but soft enough for your hands.
  • Leaves your dishes sparkling clean.
  • 14.7 oz Bottles - 20 per case
  • 1 Case $74.07

Super ShineallSuper Shine-All® -Green Seal Certified [Item #HIL0014006]
  • The Legendary Neutral Cleaner. Sassafras fragrance.
  • Perfect for cleaning resilient tile, asphalt tile, vinyl floors, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone, and coated wood floors.
  • Don't forget to get your spray bottle and lables.
  • 1 Gallon $19.43

Top CleanTop Clean - Green Seal Certified  [Item #HIL0014406]
  • Effective cleaner for floors, walls, ceilings, mirrors, windows, and metal surfaces.
  • Two-ounce per gallon dilution rate for daily cleaning.
  • Don't forget to get your spray bottle and lables.
  • 1 Gallon $11.25

Green Select Glass CleanerGreen Select Glass Cleaner- Green Seal Certified  [Item #HIL000096006]
  • Great for windows, TV screens, porcelain, plastic, countertops, restroom fixtures, and stainless steel. It works well as an all purpose spray and
    wipe for any surface not harmed by water.
  • Don't forget to get your spray bottle and lables.
  • 1 Gallon $15.13

Spray and Bottle32 oz Graduated Round Bottle [Item #CON932B] = $1.00 each
9" Adjustable Sprayer Trigger [Item #CON922HL] = $1.50 each
  • Perfect to dilute your cleaning chemicals.
  • Don't forget to request your labels!

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Lighting Supplies

From everyday lights in your home, to fluorescent tubes in your office, or speciality lights in your HOA, we have it all. We have a wide variety of lights, ballasts, and fixtures to meet your needs. Here are a few of our most common lighting supplies, however if you are looking for something not listed, just ask!

CFLEnergy Star (R) Certified 9 watt CFL [Item #S6200]
  • 120 volts
  • 500 lumens
  • $5.17 each

CFLEnergy Star (R) Certified 13 watt CFL [Item #S6202]
  • 120 volts
  • Mini spiral compact fluorescent that replaces your traditional 60 watt household bulb.
  • $5.17 each

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Natural Stone Products

Natural stone surfaces require the correct care program to keep them beautiful, longer. Along with your regularly scheduled maintenance program, daily cleaning with the proper product is essential. Here is a product we recommend for regular use in between your professional cleanings:

Stone Pro SprayStone Pro - Crystal Clean Spray [Daily Use] [Item #SP-CCRTU]
  • The perfect daily cleaner for polished stone, tile and grout surfaces.
  • Highly effective on dirt and grime. Replenishes the sealant properties by leaving an invisible, streak-free protective shield against soil and stains.
  • Anti-bacterial / anti-microbial capabilities help sanitize your surfaces.
  • 1 Quart - $10.95

Stone Pro GallonStone Pro - Crystal Clean Concentrate [Daily Use] [Item #SP-CCG]
  • A unique cleaning formulation designed to clean without leaving water spots.
  • Terrific evaporative action. Leaves no streaking.
  • Best for polished stone.
  • 1 Gallon - $28.95

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Paper Products

From Green Seal Certified Paper Towels, to toilet paper we have it all! If the product you are looking for is not listed, just ask!

Paper TowelsGreen Seal Certified Kitchen Roll Paper Towels [Item #PAP10150]
  • Individualy wrapped kitchen paper towels.
  • 84 sheets per roll/ 30 rolls per case - contains up 49% post-consumer waste
  • 1 Case - $43.59

Multifold TowelsGreen Seal Certified Multifold Towels [Item #PAP10130]
  • Natural white
  • 200 paper towels per package, 20 packages per case
  • 1 Case - $44.07

Facial Tissue Flat BoxFacial Tissue - Rethink Green [Item #SOL 11213RG]
  • 2 Ply, white tissues, 100 sheets per box
  • 30 boxes per case
  • 1 Case - $23.86

Facial Tissue CubeFacial Tissue - Cube Box [Item #SOL 11516]
  • 2 Ply, white tissues
  • 36 boxes per case
  • 1 Case - $30.67

Toilet PaperGreen Seal Certified Toilet Paper [Item #PAP10165]
  • 100% recycled 2-ply embossed  toilet paper
  • Contains up to 49% post-consumer waste ( which exceeds EPA guidelines)
  • 500 sheets per roll/96 rolls per case
  • 1 Case - $72.11

Support your local businesses! Like all of us at Dome Cleaning, Inc. we value the small businesses in our area. We regularly frequent our local farmers markets, shop at local botiques and stores, and eating at local restaurants, like Le Charm, Culinary Arts, and La Mediterranee just to name a few. Check out our Recommended Vendors page to see other businesses we recommend.

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