IICRC Certified Natural Stone Care

Considering the investment for these beautiful surfaces, why wouldn't you want to take care of them in a first class manner? We offer a full spectrum of services that restore, protect and preserve natural stone surfaces. These surfaces require the utmost care, and we only use experienced IICRC-Certified Technicians and the finest quality care products.



What Services Meet Your Needs?

Stone StairwayPROFESSIONAL CLEANING - For Surface Soil Build-up:
This process helps to remove the build-up that daily cleaning can leave behind on your natural stone and grout surfaces. This service is recommended annually in conjunction with sealing.

HONING - For Ring Marks, Etches & Scratches:
This process smoothes natural stone surfaces and corrects any minor scratches by using a variable speed floor machine and/or hand grinder with diamond pads. Small etch marks and scratches can be removed, if they have not deeply penetrated the stone. Honing leaves the surface with a dull finish which may need to be polished. This service is recommended annually, at a minimum, for high traffic areas such as elevators, foyers, and lobbies; and as needed in other areas.

POLISHING - For Dull Stone Surfaces:
This process is used in conjunction with honing to bring out a high shine in the natural stone by using powder abrasives or diamond pads.

SEALING - To Protect Against Water and Oil Based Stains:
A protective treatment that penetrates natural stone and grout surfaces. Two major categories are topical sealers and impregnators. You can choose from glossy or matte, and strippable or permanent finishes. We use the highest quality sealers that are oiliophobic, or resistant to water and oil based stains.

What to Expect For Your Service

DURATION: For the average condo in San Francisco, the standard cleaning and sealing service will take approximately one (1) hour for the kitchen, 1.5 hours for a half bathroom, and 2 hours for a full bathroom. If you have stains and/or etching on your stone, there will be a separate fee. This service takes more time as we need to perform additional tasks to first remove the stain, return the glossy finish, and then seal the stone.

DETAILS: For standard cleaning and sealing, we will perform the following tasks:

FREQUENCY: We recommend cleaning and sealing your stone every 12-18 months depending on the use/traffic in that area.

Protecting Natural Stone

STONES ARE ABSORBENT:  Even though stone is normally thought of as a hard material, each natural stone has varying degrees of porosity. If the proper sealant is not applied, a spilled liquid can be absorbed by the stone and leave a stain or dark mark.

BENEFITS OF PROTECTING NATURAL STONE:  Stone sealers work to fill in the pores to help repel spills on the surface, giving you time to wipe them away. The correct sealer and application will deliver superior wear resistance and durability, as well as provide heavy duty protection against tough oil and water-based stains. However, if your stone surface is constantly left wet, the liquid may penetrate the sealer over time. We recommend cleaning and drying all spills as soon as they occur to help maintain your sealant and protect your stone.

Is Your Stone Sealed?

Did you know that natural stone surfaces should be sealed soon after installation? Many times this important step is skipped, leaving it up to managers and new homeowners to protect their expensive surfaces from unneeded wear and damage. Natural stone surfaces need special care to keep them looking new. Not sure if your stone is sealed? Try this quick water-repellency test in a discreet area to find out:

Protected vs Unprotected StoneDIRECTIONS:
1. Make sure surface area is clean and dry.
2. Apply a drop of water approx. 1" in diameter.
3. Allow the water to stand for approximately 5-20 minutes, depending on the porosity of the stone.
4. If the water beads above the surface, your stone is protected, or dense enough to help prevent stains.
5. If surface is unsealed, the water will absorb into the stone and darken the surface.