For Property Managers

Dome Cleaning, Inc. has been making life easier for property managers since 1996. First, our highly trained, supervised, and motivated workers ensure the highest quality cleaning. Plus, we have an outstanding customer service staff to answer questions, schedule jobs, and address concerns.

Second, we have designed an array of professional cleaning and maintenance services to specifically meet the needs of property managers. Dome Cleaning, Inc. offers both janitorial and specialized cleaning services, as well as free delivery of quality lighting and cleaning chemicals and supplies to all properties we have a janitorial service agreement with. You work with one team, not numerous vendors.

Last, but not least, Dome Cleaning, Inc. helps its property management customers by providing the following additional services at no charge:

Annual Budgets

The business relationship we share with you and every one of your buildings is very important to us. We know that fall is a busy time for you as you prepare your budgets for the upcoming year. With that in mind, we wanted to let you know how Dome Cleaning, Inc. can aid you in maintaining your property in a first class manner. We can do this by helping you to budget and plan for the other cleaning services you use each year.

Each year, we create a spreadsheet to help budget the costs of other cleaning services used by each association. We recommend that our clients schedule and budget for specialized cleaning jobs in advance. Proactive maintenance has been proven to be cost effective in the long run. However, these budgets do not mean that your building is committed to utilizing those services, and we’ll continue to send a work order to be approved prior to performing any service. The work order will act as a reminder to evaluate the need for the job at that time. By routinely assessing your needs for specialized services and utilizing them regularly, you will prevent the costly wear and damage that can result when items are not serviced regularly.

We strive to build quality into the services we provide and are always interested in your feedback. Please feel free to contact us with all questions or comments.