Our Place in Green Cleaning...

Green CleaningAs a cleaning company, Dome is right in the middle of numerous items affecting our environment. These include garbage/recycling/composting, office and bathroom paper, electricity, water use, cleaning chemicals, hazardous waste disposal, and more.  Our philosophy is that we must establish best practices and standards for sustainability in our headquarters if we are going to be able to lead our customers in the right direction.

In our business practices, we work toward optimum conservation and minimum consumption. Our crews accomplish this by using recyclable and/or reusable products such as terry cloth towels instead of paper towels. Our office policies include printing on both sides of paper, turning the heat and lights off when rooms are unoccupied, shutting down computer equipment when it’s not being used, implementing stand-by settings on appliances, purchasing energy star appliances, recycling and refilling printer toner cartridges, and posting signs encouraging recycling, composting, and water conservation.

Here are some of the other things we do, and have done, in our own building and for our clients:

  • We’ve implemented the City of San Francisco’s Zero Waste program.
  • We’ve installed low flow toilets and low-flow Aerators on our sinks.
  • We’ve retrofitted our lights with compact fluorescent T-5 high output fluorescent tubes with electronic ballasts.
  • We've participated in the PG&E rebate program.
  • We properly and legally dispose of all hazardous waste including paint, cleaning chemicals, batteries, ballasts, light bulbs, and more.
  • We carry out these practices for our customers as well. For our clients with exterior services, our workers use rolling containers with two sections, one for litter waste and one for recyclable paper and plastics.
  • Whenever possible, we utilize Green Seal Certified products, including cleaning chemicals and post-consumer paper products.
  • We also provide Green Seal Certified paper products to our customers, such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and post-consumer printer paper.  
  • When we replace lights for customers, we use Energy Star® Certified bulbs and install uncertified bulbs only if compatible bulbs are not available.
  • We are working on being certified with the San Francisco Green Business Program.

Besides what we do for our clients and in our office, we also reach out to help our neighborhood. We have donated to and participated in planting trees in our surrounding district with the Friends of the Urban Forest. Rebuilding Together is another organization we donate to and work with, and we have also attended local meetings regarding traffic flow, bay bridge construction, and new property construction.

We are also working with the San Francisco Department of Environment in becoming the first Certified Green Cleaning Janitorial Compnay in San Francisco. We take an interest in more than just our clients. We are working toward a greener future for all.