Green Cleaning

With the public’s attention focusing more on global warming and protecting our environment, it’s nice to say that here at Dome Cleaning, Inc. we are trying to do our part! For our Specialized Cleaning Services, our homeowners have the option of choosing green cleaning chemicals. Also, our janitors use many Green Seal Certified Products on a daily basis in each of our buildings!

What does “Green Seal Certified” mean? Here’s some information from their website

Green Seal is a name you can trust

Green Seal's standard-setting process is open, collaborative, fair, and completely transparent. We don't develop our standards in an ivory tower. We have many built-in checks that ensure we are unbiased, realistic, and that the products we certify reach high levels of performance and quality.

  • Green Seal develops its standards with widespread input from industry, government, academia, and the public.

  • A new standard is broadly circulated for review and comment to a diverse group of stakeholders, including manufacturers, trade associations, universities, environmental and consumer groups, government officials, and the public.

  • When the final standard is published, we provide a written response to all the comments received, and open the standard to a formal appeal.

  • We periodically review and update our standards to reflect advances in technology and the marketplace.

Benefits of Green Seal

Green Seal makes a measurable impact!

More and more companies are recognizing that environmentally responsible design and production are an integral part of their mission and the value they want to deliver to their customers. The Green Seal® sends a clear message: we care about improving the health and welfare of people and the planet. As more and more businesses have begun to recognize that environmental priorities can be translated into market advantage, they've turned to Green Seal certification to give them a business edge.

By identifying, certifying, and promoting environmentally responsible products and services, Green Seal:

  • Improves the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, conserving resources and habitats, and minimizing global warming and ozone depletion;

  • Increases health and wellbeing, particularly in populations most affected by product choice, such as schoolchildren, service staff, and the elderly; and

  • Demonstrates to various business segments that environmentally responsible products can improve quality and boost profitability.

Green Seal LogoThe Green Seal® carries weight!

Green Seal is a product credential that is well recognized and respected. We proudly carry and use  Green Seal Certified products, and are currently working to become a Green Seal Certified Company!

The Green Seal:

  • Delivers sound, actionable advice to manufacturers, purchasers, and individuals who want to make a positive impact on the environment and quality of life;

  • Helps government agencies and other institutions meet their goals and fulfill green procurement policies;

  • Enables manufacturers to create more sustainable products, save money, and increase efficiency through responsible product development; and

  • Forms marketing collaborations with companies that are creating and selling environmentally preferable products.