IICRC Certified Natural Stone Restoration

When natural stone surfaces are not installed properly, not sealed after installation, not cared for properly, or have been damaged, Natural Stone Restoration services can help to restore their natural beauty.

What is Stone Restoration?

It is the restoring of worn or damaged stone to the state in which it was installed. It may include altering the surface to match a desired finish, which can be natural or high gloss. Stone restoration is a process that can only be done by a trained stone technician with the proper tools and experience. We invest in our employees so they become certified technicians and have the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to understand and work with stone properly.

Restoration of natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface by means of honing, crystallization, or polishing. The surfaces then may or may not need to be sealed, depending on the type and location of the stone.

Chip & Crack Repair

Chip repairDo small chips or cracks in your natural stone stick out like sore thumbs? Let our IICRC Certified Stone Technicians bring your stone back to life! Our custom blended epoxy compound sets in less than 30 minutes, and matches either the stone's background or vein colors. The repair blends beautifully and, unless you know where the repair was done, your visitors will never know the difference. Set up an appointment with a Dome Cleaning, Inc. Technician today!