Railing & Stainless Steel Cleaning

Before and After RailingsRust is a common problem in the City by the Bay, but it doesn't have to stay that way!

Rust can work its way into metal and stainless steel railings, benches, poles, etc, and spread over time, which can degrade and break down the metal. Professional cleaning and waxing of all your metal railings will help to remove rust, dirt and pollution, and prolong the life.

This cleaning service will work great for:
•   Balcony Railings
•   Handrails in Stairways and Walkways
•   Stainless Steel/Metal Benches, Sconces, Artwork, Sculptures, and more!

See some other great pictures in our Before & After Exterior Album.

Balcony Floor Cleaning

Balconies at the InfinityEven with daily sweeping, mopping and spot cleaning, some stains just won't come up. Weather also plays a large factor in the cleanliness of your balcony, and can easily turn stains into damage if not properly cared for. Give us a call for regular, professional cleaning and sealing of your balcony floors. The application of a sealant will help to prevent stains from setting in and make your floors look great for longer periods of time!

This cleaning and sealing service will work great for:
•   Rubber Floors
•   Cement Floors
•   Wooden Decks

Window Washing

Window WashingWe can detail clean interior and exterior windows, panels, and glass doors on your home or office. This service can be performed up to two (2) stories high. A great time to perform this service is annually along with your building's facade cleaning.

Contact us for a free estimate or more details.

Check out our videos below (there are more on Facebook!) about the three steps process to cleaning a long-standing hard water mineral deposit build up on a glass inside a waterwall:

Quote for Testimonials

“I wanted you to know what a great job your crew did in my home this morning. They were right on time, neat as a pin and windows look great. I appreciate your finding time for me on such short notice... DOME has done very good work for me to date and I appreciate the assistance and the quality of your employees."
      - Laurie, Homeowner at the Infinity